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San Francisco HCG Injections

If you are one of the many San Francisco area residents who are unhappy with your weight, you understandably may be eager to do something about it. Unfortunately, you may have tried more than one diet over the years in an effort to reduce your body’s fat stores and to improve the way that you look and feel. Many restrictive calorie diets are ineffective, and some even cause a rebound effective that causes your weight to increase to a higher level than it was before. This sets you back farther rather than helps you to achieve the goals that you have established for yourself.

Carrying extra weight and having high and abnormal stores of body fat is more than a cosmetic problem. It can directly affect your health and well-being. For example, this problem can lead to an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, some types of cancer and more. Regardless of whether you are male or female and what your age is, being overweight could decrease your longevity. In severe cases, it could decrease longevity by decades. Taking proactive steps now to combat the problem and to produce effective results is essential.

In the 1950s, Dr. A. T. W. Simeon found that HCG injections in both males and females could produce exceptional weight reduction results in a healthy way. In fact, HCG is shown to decrease the amount of fat on your frame without negatively impacting muscle mass. While you will need to consume a low-calorie diet, starvation is not a concern or a problem. In fact, you may feel full while seeing the fat stores melt away from your body when you follow the HCG diet. Learning more about the HCG diet and the options available to San Francisco area residents is a smart step if you are ready to proceed with the effective loss of fatty stores and unwanted pounds that you are currently carrying around.

A Safe and Effective Way to Shed Unwanted Pounds

While you understandably may want to reduce your body fat and tackle your abnormal and high weight problem head-on, you may be aware that some diet programs are unhealthy. They reduce your calorie intake to an unsafe and unhealthy level that ultimately leads to the loss of muscle mass and other dangerous consequences. The research of Dr. Simeon many decades ago revealed that the HCG hormone that a pregnant woman produces effectively mobilizes abnormal fat, which is also known as adipose tissue. This fat is used to produce the energy that your body needs rather than having to consume more calories each day.

Remember that there are three types of fat on your body. In addition to abnormal or adipose fat, you also have structural fat and reserve fat. The HCG hormone in pregnancy converts the abnormal fat into energy that the growing fetus can use without requiring the mother to continuously eat throughout the day to nourish the fetus. It uniquely does not dip into the stores of structural or reserve fat in the woman that are essential to overall health and well-being. Consider that a pregnant woman can follow a typical and healthy diet while increasing calorie intake only slightly to support a healthy pregnancy and a growing fetus.

Dr. Simeon found that this same HCG hormone can be used in non-pregnant women as well as in men to produce the loss of pounds in a healthy way with a very low-calorie diet. While you would need to reduce your calorie intake to see a beneficial change in your weight, starvation is not a concern. This is because you can continue to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Any additional nutritional needs that your body has would be generated through the release of adipose body fat stores enabled by the HCG injections.

How It Works

Before San Francisco area residents decide whether HCG injections are a reasonable way for them to eliminate body fat and to achieve their weight loss goals, learning more about the HCG diet is important. There are two primary methods available for San Francisco area residents to use. If you are a healthy man or woman with no underlying medical conditions, you may be able to proceed with the HCG plan with minimal medical supervision. More medical supervision is required and beneficial if you have underlying medical conditions.

Some people wonder why they cannot simply follow a low-calorie diet for substantial weight loss without following the HCG plan. Keep in mind that severe calorie reduction is unhealthy and is a form of starvation. It causes your body to consume its abnormal fat stores as well as healthy fat stores and even muscle. The HCG diet gives you the extra resources that are needed to help you lose unhealthy fat in a healthy way while consuming a low-calorie meal plan. In addition, your efforts at weight loss will be medically-supervised to further promote your health and wellness.

If you are one of many San Francisco area residents who are frustrated with previous dieting efforts and who are looking for a healthy and substantial way to target your body’s fat stores and to achieve great weight loss results, the HCG plan may be ideal for you. It is possible to achieve your goals and to create the healthy, attractive body that you desire. We are the medical team at a San Francisco area clinic that can assist you with your HCG diet.